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These yarns are produced from slit metalized and lacquered polyester films. As per specific requirements, these yarns can be produced in varied colors, thickness and weight of bobbins/spools. These are most commonly used in weaving of pre dyed textiles, for embroidery, creating velvet, laces, ribbons, interior decoration, kitchen scrubbers and many more items.

M Type metallic yarn is available in various sizes starting from .216mm to 3mm.Because of our consistent high quality, we are among the reputed brands for M-type Metallic yarn.

Chemical Properties

Test method
test result
0. 5%(5 gr. Liter)soap (60ºc) 20 min. ok
Dry cleaning
Petroleum benzene 100% (20ºc) 30 min.

Perchloroethylene100% (20ºc) 30 min.

Trichloroethylene100% (20ºc) 30 min.
(135ºc) 15 sec. ok
Hot water
(70ºc) 30 min. ok
(100ºc) 10 min. ok
Sodium hydrosulphite gr. /liter (80ºc) 60 min.
not resistant

Soda ash 0. 5 gm/liter (80ºc) 60 min.
not resistant

Ph-9,20% hydrogen peroxide gm/liter (70ºc) 60 min.
not resistant

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