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Our Round Covered Yarn i.e. M.T. Type yarn meets the highest quality requirements of our clients that are ideal for creating sophisticated embroidery and glorious designs on fabrics. These are manufactured with the combination of M-type yarn and Polyester Filament Yarn. The Polyester Filament Yarn is completely covered with M-type yarn which provides a bright shiny finish to the yarn.

We offer a wide variety of shades of Gold, Silver, Antique colors and other dazzling tones including multicolored and other subtle elegant shades that come at competitive price.

These are available in different deniers according to the requirement of our client. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, we have a growing market all across India.

Chemical Properties

Test method
test result
0. 5%(5 gr. Liter)soap (60ºc) 20 min. ok
Dry cleaning
Petroleum benzene 100% (20ºc) 30 min.

Perchloroethylene100% (20ºc) 30 min.

Trichloroethylene100% (20ºc) 30 min.
(135ºc) 15 sec. ok
Hot water
(70ºc) 30 min. ok
(100ºc) 10 min. ok
Sodium hydrosulphite gr. /liter (80ºc) 60 min.
not resistant

Soda ash 0. 5 gm/liter (80ºc) 60 min.
not resistant

Ph-9,20% hydrogen peroxide gm/liter (70ºc) 60 min.
not resistant

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